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What is Movement for Life Injury Prevention?

Our team has always sought to make Physical Therapy easier to access in order to allow the least conservative approach to your recovery to be at your fingertips when you need it. Our Workplace Plans use exercises to strengthen areas susceptible to injury based on specific work duties.

The cost of on-site occ-med, industrial physical therapy or wellness coaches are often expensive & have limited availability. Why can’t it be simplified? Now it can! With Movement for Life Injury Prevention Plans by Everflex, your employees have 24/7 access to the prevention exercises they need, which leads to more consistent improvement and prevention.

Self-insured? Even better, let’s analyze your reported musculoskeletal claims and create a custom plan to stop them in those expenses in their tracks.

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How to Use Movement for Life Injury Prevention Plans

It couldn’t be easier! Exercises are broken up into different levels of difficulty. Start on beginner and work your way up when you feel they are not challenging. All of the exercises in the Movement for Life Injury Prevention Plans are curated by our clinical staff that are among the best physical therapists in the world.

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